Looking back at 100 releases of screen sharing for sales

Hopefully, you still remember signing up for this list.

I wrote my last blog post on joisig.com, and the last update to this list way back in February, “23 rules to run a software startup with minimum hassle”.

Soon after that, COVID-19 hit us all, and demand for my company’s product grew tremendously, with lots of companies racing to find ways to keep selling during the pandemic, so I haven’t been able to find much time to write.

My new post is a lot more focused on my company, CrankWheel, but you may be interested in it as a startup story, along with some lessons learned. I wrote it this week, because last Saturday we published the 100th public-facing release of the CrankWheel product.

That 100th release was roughly on track for my birthday on November 7th, and just for fun, that’s when we released it. One of my best birthdays ever!

Here it is: “Looking back at 100 releases of screen sharing for sales”.


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